“In this place of judgment, wickedness was there;

and in the place of righteousness, iniquity was there.” 

“In this place of judgment, wickedness was there; and in the place of righteousness, iniquity was there.” 

Ecclesiastes 3:16

"The LORD himself goes before you; He will be with you. He will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid or discouraged.”


I am financial advisor, public figure and have been a financial professional for more than 23 years. I owned a Registered Investment Advisor firm, BennettFS, prior to running for the state senate, which was  recognized in the Sacramento Magazine as a Five Star Wealth Manager.  I was among the first advisors in the nation to become certified in pension planning through The Retirement Advisor University in collaboration with and taught at UCLA School of Management. I received my third professional financial designation as a certified 401K professional. 

Prior, I earned two highly regarded financial designations, ChFC and CLU. Additionally, I passed exams and obtained multiple security licenses, including the Series 7 and 65, which qualified me to trade stocks and bonds and charge a fee for investment advice. My RIA was under state regulation and FINRA oversight. I also graduated from Thomas Edison State University, with a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in finance. 

As an activist I ran against Senator Pan and have tried very hard to protect our most basic civil liberties which are under assault, and for people’s right to choose their medical treatments, including vaccines. I believe that nobody should be forced to choose between a vaccine and a job or a vaccine and their right to receive an education. Senator Pan and was charged for a misdemeanor for pushing him, is the senator who introduced the laws to force children to take vaccines for school, as well as eliminate religious and personal vaccine exemptions. Senator Pan and those protecting him do not like the fact I am trying to save medical freedom and stop him from forcing vaccines on people, especially our children.

I attended multiple universities, including Butte College, UC Davis (towards CFP designation), UCLA , Sacramento and Chico State University and earned a Bachelors of Science Degree in Business Administration at Thomas Edison State University, with an emphasis in finances. In the more than 22 years in the financial industry, I have never had a security complaint, which is one of the reasons my firm was recognized in the Sacramento Magazine. Many large financial institutions, like Penn Mutual, Lafayette Life, Ohio Nation and Guardian referred clients to me because of my reputation for  honesty, integrity and acumen for finances that I built up.

My endeavor for our children’s future began more than seven years ago, when I ran for the state senate against Senator Richard Pan. A great evil has covered our state, and unimaginable crimes committed against the people by those sworn to uphold and defend the Constitution. Court officials sought to harm me, but God delivered me and the tables turned; I am the plaintiff, self representing and they the defendants. I come in the name of Jesus; His banner is over me.  You will witness a great exploit that shall make history and demonstrate the mighty power in the name and blood of Christ Yahushua. What is impossible for man is easy for God. You shall see it.

My Experience

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