Senator Richard Pan

When I ran for the state senate, I was surrounded by government officials, first name bases and supported by state senators. However, when the government turned on me for speaking the truth to you per mass poisoning, they all abandoned me.

Even the CIA who contacted me, commending me for “speaking to the powers” were nowhere to be found. President Trump knew what was happening, but silence. All the supposed antivax leaders nowhere to be found, except for Joshua Coleman who continually trolled me, showing up to my court hearings and misrepresenting the truth to you.

This government tried to intimidate me, shut me up and even bribe and seduce me, but it never worked. Since then my political endeavor on behalf of the people never stopped. I have shouted the truth for two decades, seven years since vying for the state senate on your behalf, and nothing I claimed has come back proven false, but on the contrary.

The evidence has crushed so-called conspiracy theories, and now proven as fact despite the obtuse who cannot see or hear. Even in court, as the system intended to remand me into the mental ward, nobody but one or two stood with me. I went alone, abused in jail, never conceding to the bribes of the system, to release me if I yielded to cowardice, while Coleman reported lies to you in order to protect the government.

Never did I refrain from speaking the Lord’s name, even when the CIA agent, who spoke to then President Trump, asked me not to be specific about who my God is, promising me if I allowed a particular man to run my platform that he would help get President Trump to endorse me. I said no, but instead praised Jesus louder.

I come in the mighty name of Jesus! My eyes are ever on Him. He set me free from my captors. Now let the Lord use my body, my mouth to raise the banner of justice in the Sacramento County Superior Court, where egregious evils have resided and protected and covered by the Luciferian NWO.

Concerning the Sacramento County Superior Court, in this place of judgment, wickedness is there; And in the place of righteousness, iniquity is there (Ecclesiastes 3:16-); but no darkness can prevail against what Almighty God has ordained. the more impossible, the more daunting and dangerous, the more glory to God; for where man is weak and fails, God is glorified lest we take the glory for ourselves.

It is not ready, but follow my lawsuits naming government officials, including the state, county, DA, superior court, jail, county sheriff, public defenders, court doctor. The site is not ready, but follow at I do not know what the Lord is going to do, but I advance knowing He has directed me to, and knowing He promised to exonerate me. Therefore you shall see it with your eyes.

It is not ready, but coming soon. I will do lives from there and my numbers will not be skewed as with this platform and all the others.

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